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Welcome to Re-Wilding Wellness

As a holistic health and wellness center, Re-Wilding Wellness is focused on helping our clients embrace the power of lifestyle changes to promote overall health. Our services are centered on providing a safe space for individuals to engage their body, mind, and spirit to cultivate healing and self-transformation. We believe that by creating a sense of community, we can tap into the innate intelligence of the body and empower individuals to take charge of their own well-being. We are committed to guiding our clients on this journey of self-discovery and transformation.



Our main mission is to support the individual, community, and environment's wellness through practicing wellness ourselves, holding space for others to practice with us, and spending time in nature to develop gratitude for the environment we live in and on.

We emphasize wellness over illness as there is enough emphasis on illness in everyday life. Wellness can also include being "ill".  We want to empower individuals to experience their unique wellness state through an authentic, aligned and practical process.  


what is somatics?

Somatics comes from the Anceint greek work Soma meaning "the body". The practice of Somatics is focused on how your body is aligned to your consciousness. Unless we are in pain or discomfort, most of us go about our days totally unconscious of our body. The somatic approach we are using at Re-Wilding Wellness is very practical. You will learn about your nervous system, how to identify if you are spending too much time in a stressed (fight or flight/ faun / freeze) state and tools to bring yourself into a comfortable and flexiable state of wellness in your body and your mind. As a Massage Therapist I can tell you that I have heard more times than I can remember " I didn't know that my *fill in body part* was that tense until you touched it". This is because we spend very little time thinking about or more to the point feeling our body in a neutral, peaceful, aligned state. Many of us mistake disconnected and shut down as relaxed. Somatic practices are not new. We practice somatics everytime we take a yoga class, pilates, cross fit, hike, walk, is a somatic practice. The somatics practices we emphasise here are designed to bring the wisdom of your body in alignment with your consciousness. By using the breath, massage techniques, and journalling or verbal debreifing we strengthen the somatic relationship you have withyourself.

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